Blanckaert Bruls

Corporate Law

Blanckaert / Bruls has several years of experience working for the business community and can therefore offer you and your company legal assistance on every level. We specialise in corporate law, assisting large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the self-employed and start-ups. We have previously worked for companies in the food, hospitality, automotive, transportation, HRM, temp work, and construction industries.

Below is an overview of how our lawyers can be of service to you and your company.

  • Advice to start-ups. We help you set up your company structure and can assist you with the purchase or rental of real estate.
  • Legal advice about all the aspects that concern your company: collecting invoices, drawing up contracts, protecting your brand portfolio and your markets, HR management, investments, and mergers and acquisitions. We strive to establish a permanent collaboration with all our clients, constantly monitoring your company in the process.
  • Financial legal advice. We are expert balance-sheet readers and can assist you if your company is in difficulty or when you are confronted with insolvency, takeovers, seizure procedures, proceedings under the Belgian Act on the continuity of enterprises, and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Protecting your company from your competitors and third parties. We also establish cooperation agreements with your customers.

Blanckaert / Bruls prefers a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, combined with negotiations, in corporate law. We discuss every step with you beforehand to devise the fastest, cheapest, and best solution for you.


Do you wish to train your employees in corporate law, one of our other areas of expertise? or a current legal issue? Blanckaert / Bruls will gladly develop a customised training programme for your organisation. Our lawyers are experienced speakers who will gladly host an instructive session onsite at your company, in our offices, or in another venue.