Blanckaert Bruls

Family businesses

Family entrepreneurs still make up the largest group of employers in Belgium. Many of these entrepreneurs have built their companies from scratch, investing their time, energy, and a little bit of their soul in their undertaking. The shareholders are often very close to the entrepreneur because of family ties, which can sometimes give rise to tensions. Generational changes, the hiring of family members or in-laws, or the hiring of an external manager are just a few examples that come to mind.

Lawyers require extensive knowledge of family estate law, divorce law, and inheritance planning when assisting family businesses. That is where Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten comes in. As an enterprise architect, we can advise your company and ensure that your family assets are safeguarded.

Our lawyers offer legal advice to your family company, assist you with a transfer to family members or a sale to third parties, can organise a management buyout with you, or negotiate shareholder agreements. Depending on your needs and wishes, you can choose the structure that best suits you as a family entrepreneur when working with Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten. 


Do you wish to train your employees on the subject of family businesses, one of our areas of expertise, or another current legal issue? Blanckaert / Bruls will gladly develop a customised training programme for your organisation. Our lawyers are experienced speakers who will gladly host an instructive session onsite at your company, in our offices, or in another venue.