Blanckaert Bruls


At Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten, we believe in a customer-friendly, no-nonsense approach, breaking with certain old habits in the law profession. We make clear price agreements with customers, use plain and simple language, and avoid long and pointless proceedings.

This approach is the outcome of the four principles that determine how we work:


We always search for the best, the fastest, and the cheapest solution to your problem, choosing to always create a strong negotiating position.


Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten prefers to state things in an understandable and professional manner, so our advice is crystal clear and you can easily follow the proceedings. We prefer to keep things plain and simple, even in more complex cases.


Our team is composed of highly-skilled, multilingual lawyers. While they are all very experienced, they constantly attend continuous education courses to keep their skills sharp.


We establish clear price agreements and agreements about the proceedings with you beforehand. We don’t believe in endless or needlessly long proceedings and excel at negotiations. We search for solutions.