Blanckaert Bruls

Blanckaert targets entrepreneurs with bruls as his new partner


Bernard Blanckaert from Zonhoven is well-known in the profession as a lawyer who focuses on the business community. To expand his services, he recently partnered with Koen Bruls, who had been working on his team for several years.

Together, they established a new law firm, Blanckaert / Bruls, which will mainly focus on matters that concern entrepreneurs and the self-employed.  The current firm, Blanckaert & Draye, will close so they can fully focus on the business community with Blanckaert / Bruls.

The Blanckaert / Bruls law firm will apply this new approach to further assist its clients in lawsuits, with advice, mediation, and above all, with solutions for entrepreneurs.  Offering fast, high-quality, and no-nonsense service at a fair price is a priority. The firm has 10 employees working in modern offices, in Halveweg, Zonhoven, to provide an optimum service to its clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries about the Blanckaert / Bruls law firm and our services.