Blanckaert Bruls

Terms and conditions

  1. Disclosure requirement under the Services Act of 26 March 2010

    Blanckaert / Bruls is a civil law partnership, in the form of a BVBA (private limited liability company). Its partners are Bernard Blanckaert and Koen Bruls. Blanckaert / Bruls is subject to VAT and is registered under no. 0866.795.265 in the Crossroads Databank of Enterprises. The company’s registered office is at Halveweg 96/1, 3520 Zonhoven.

    Blanckaert / Bruls BVBA has cooperation agreements with Advocatenkantoor Bruls BVBA, Blanckaert Advocaten BVBA, An Lens (Lawyer), Melissa Cybulski (Lawyer) and Ellen Timmermans (Lawyer). They are all lawyers in Belgium and have been admitted to the Limburg Bar. The company’s offices are also at Halveweg 96/1, 3520 Zonhoven.

    Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten works with a large network of Belgian and international law firms to guarantee optimum service to its clients. All services are invoiced through Blanckaert / Bruls BVBA.

    The law firm’s civil liability is insured with Amlin Europe NV, Koning Albert II-laan 9, 1210 Brussels, with a standard cover of €2.5 million.

  2. Fees
    • We charge a fixed amount of €75 (excl. VAT) for an initial consultation.
    • We draw up price quotes for all our clients, which clearly set out the fees we charge. These vary depending on the scope and complexity of the case and the speed required for the proceedings. Our fees vary between €125/hour and €175/hour (excl. VAT).
    • The following rates apply for expenses:
      • correspondence: €10 per page
      • copy: €0.50 per page
      • travel: €0.50 per km
      • all other expenses are invoiced at cost
    • As a client, you can also agree on other fees for a specific case, which are set out in a written agreement. You will then receive a customised price quote for the case.
    • Blanckaert / Bruls is entitled to invoice provisions.
    • In case of non-payment of its invoices, Blanckaert / Bruls shall be entitled to suspend its services.
    • Please send an e-mail to to request a price quote.
  3. Terms and conditions
    • All our invoices must be paid within 15 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed.
    • In case of non-payment or late payment, the debtor automatically owes compensation to the amount of 10% of the invoice amount, capped at €2,500, without notice of default.
    • If the debtor, in cases of non-payment or late payment of our invoices, is a business, it shall be charged interest from the due date of the invoice. This interest rate is applied in accordance with the Act on Late Payment in Commercial Transactions of 2 August 2002. If the debtor is a private individual, an interest rate that corresponds with the legal interest rate shall be charged from the first notice of default onwards.
    • In case of non-payment or late payment, Blanckaert / Bruls shall be entitled to suspend its services.
    • The Courts of Hasselt shall have jurisdiction in case of a dispute.
    • All agreements are governed by Belgian law.
  4. Rules of professional conduct

    All the lawyers of Blanckaert / Bruls Advocaten have been admitted to the Hasselt Bar. They must all adhere to the rules and regulations of the Belgian National Bar Association, the Association of the Flemish-Speaking Bars, and the Limburg Bar Association. You can find more information on the and websites.

    All the firm’s lawyers constantly follow additional training courses.

  5. Complaints

    Please contact Mr Bernard Blanckaert, Halveweg 96/1, 3520 Zonhoven if you have any complaints. Phone: 011 51 01 01, Fax: 011 51 01 00 or by e-mail to

    Every complaint will be handled within 24 hours.